An apology, again, for being pants at blogging this term.  Now that I have a car here in Canada, I’ve become swept up in actually living rather than writing (which is a slight concern, given that a large part of PhD-ing is about writing).  I’ve got a handful of half-written blogs and notes about blogs, but things keep getting in the way of actually publishing them.  So, a public commitment for this week: I have four blogs in mind after this one, and they will ALL be written and published no later than Friday.  Then I can leave for Christmas knowing that I’m “up to date” with blogging, if not with PhD-ing!

Driving locally has really improved my quality of life here in London ON, so I get out and about more frequently.  It’s much easier to go to yoga, to the farmers market and to see friends, especially in the evenings when the buses are very limited.  Errands like supermarket shopping and chiropractic appointments are less time-consuming now that I don’t have to wait for the bus or walk considerable distances.  Am I “missing” the bus?  Well, I used to have nice chats with one bus driver who I saw regularly and it was an insight into the wider community, but a considerable limitation.  Being able to arrive and leave precisely as I choose is liberating.

I’ve also enjoyed using the car to go further afield, especially now that friends and family from home are visiting me here.  Driving in glorious sunshine, crossing over Lake Huron to enter America, was a particularly wonderful moment!  Navigating needs a bit more practice, though: signs on the highways are far less clear (to me, at least) than those on British motorways and ‘A’ roads, which was one reason why a recent trip to Niagara took just over nine hours, instead of just under three.

And radio!  This has been my first real introduction to Canadian radio, since I’m still fully committed to Radio 4 when listening in my flat.  CBC is kinda similar, but it has little snippets of elevator music and seems to be an odd mix of touchy-feely and ice hockey discussion, at least at the times of day when I’m in the car.  For a while I listened to Fresh – but the actual freshness of the station is questionable, since their ‘A’ play list is apparently Alanis Morissette alternating with I’m Sexy And I Know It.  The only other pre-programmed option is the local classic rock station.  Maybe the moral of this blog is less moshing, more thinking about writing.  Maybe.



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