Following on from my last post, it’s wonderful to celebrate the great things about spending time here in Canada.  Much of my time here centres around my PhD work and the friends I’ve made through it, but here are a few other things to smile about:

There’s lots of sunshine.  London Ontario is quite a bit further south than England, so winter daylight hours are longer.  Summers are actually summers too, not British “summers”.

There’s lots of snow too, in winter.  And transport keeps working and shops stay open and you can justify going to work in thermals and big wooly jumpers. The best bit is when it’s sunny after a snow fall and there’s fabulous bright light reflecting everywhere.

Cheap Tuesdays.  10% off at the supermarkets and $5 cinema tickets really help to improve the quality of student life.  And I particularly love that the downtown cinema now has reclining seats!

Timbits.  They just make so much sense.  If you aren’t familiar with timbits, they’re doughnut holes from Tim Hortons coffee chain.  Visit me here and we’ll share a box.  You won’t regret it.

Yoga.  Helps to counteract the timbits and with pretty much every other aspect of life.  I love living in a city where there is such a vibrant yoga community, and hope that wherever I end up after my PhD, I can sustain such a frequent yoga practice.

Taking food home from restaurants.  The willingness to provide take-out boxes is a great feature of restaurants here.  It’s particularly useful when you fail to realize that dim sum orders come in portions of three, rather than portions of one.  Sushi also deserves a mention, since it is much more affordable and exciting than in the UK.

And finally Canada itself.  It’s so fabulous to explore a new country and have time to return to places at different times of the day or year.  I’ve been to Niagara Falls three times now, and am amazed at how it’s varied on each occasion.  Nature and the weather seem to be bigger here.  Just like the restaurant portions.



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