“Reading Week” is a rather inappropriate name for a period of ten days in which one does anything except academic reading.  When we first planned #lauraandalisontakeonamerica, my U.S. friends warned me that we would be cold.  Well, it’s Saturday 18th Feb and we are sunbathing here in Washington DC.  Proper bare-feet, jumper-off, going-a-bit-pink, British sunbathing.  After a remarkably dark January in London ON, this is a wonderful surprise!

The journey here was straightforward, and we spent yesterday afternoon eating sushi and meandering around the Lincoln Memorial, followed by an evening ghost tour of Georgetown.  This morning we walked to the White House, took comedy pictures of the Washington Memorial*, checked out the WW2 Memorial and then visited the American History Museum.  We’ve just pottered through the National Sculpture Garden and are going to see Hilary Hahn play the Mendelssohn Concerto with the National Symphony Orchestra tonight.

We’ve done well with accommodation; the hotel provides breakfast but we also have a reasonably well-equipped kitchen in our suite and a Wholefoods nearby.  My packed lunch today was fabulous: coleslaw brought back from last night’s dinner, a bagel and muffin snaffled from the buffet breakfast, and lots of fruit.  The coleslaw was delicious and has prompted a desire to find the perfect recipe, since so much of the British stuff tends to be either slimy or high-effort eating.

Hanging out with Laura is of course wonderful, with the unexpected bonus of passing Americans commenting on our accents.  This doesn’t happen to me that often in Canada, but here we are apparently quite exotic.  So far we’ve fielded questions on Theresa May, The Crown, and where to holiday in the UK.  It is fantastic to be somewhere new with such an old friend, particularly since we share so much childhood history but also have rather different more recent experiences to bring to this time together.

Further writing will have wait, since I need to turn over before I get sunburnt.  In Washington, in February.

*Comedy further increased when, taking selfies, I declared that we “need to move because the memorial isn’t in the shot” and Laura pointed out that we were also not in the shot, since the camera was facing the other way…



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