This is our third full day in New York and the glorious weather continues.  We have a ‘cabin’ in a boat-themed hotel, and all the space that the term ‘cabin’ implies.  It is great to be staying somewhere interesting, and the stuffed peacocks and stag heads in the lobby make up for not having a wardrobe, although my own previous experiences of boats have never coincided with taxidermy.

On Tuesday evening we walked through Manhattan and over the Brooklyn Bridge, which helped us to get our bearings.  I spent most of Wednesday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was phenomenal.  Yes, there are big museums in London, but they are not as big.  It was a new experience have so many collections from different places and periods all in one building.  The deer in the Japanese exhibition was perplexing, being so obviously real despite its unusual presentation.  Thursday included a visit to the 9/11 memorial, time at the National Museum of the American Indian (which has a fantastic fashion exhibition) and a trip on the Staten Island Ferry.  The evening was taken up with a broadway show and cocktails.  So far today, I’ve been to yoga and explored more of the West Village, and I’m about to head up towards the New York Public Library.

Of course the ‘big’ things have all been interspersed with much walking and much food.  And the walking is really the best bit about being here, seeing so many familiar landmarks, browsing shop windows and people-watching.  As a Brit who finds Canada a bit too wide (sorry, Canada), it’s wonderful to be on a small island with visible coasts.  Which of course explains the boat-themed hotel, if not the stuffed peacocks.



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