About this blog

After a decade teaching in UK state schools, I am moving to Canada to study for a PhD at the University of Western Ontario.  This blog will reflect on my musical, academic and cultural encounters there:  If nothing else, hopefully the pressure of regularly reporting on my progress will motivate me to do some work!  In addition to being in a new country and studying full-time at post-grad level, this will be my first experience of living on campus and being part of a large music department.  In September, I will begin writing about these adventures here.

For the rest of the summer, however, my plan is to become more informed.  My knowledge is specific rather than general (lots about muffin recipes and Chopin’s use of rubato, not much about anything else).  A teetering pile of books, films and albums remain unfamiliar to me, including references that others apparently absorbed in the cradle.  Think of something that you assume everyone over the age of 15 should have read, watched or listened to.  I probably haven’t.  So over the next few weeks I will be seeking out unfamiliar material to broaden my cultural awareness and hopefully discover some new passions along the way.  What are your recommendations?  Anything, historical or current, significant or just-because-it’s-lovely, will be considered – though I’m more likely to follow up on suggestions that can be borrowed from the library!

Finally, this wonderful picture was presented to me by a Year 4 pupil last week.  Hans Christian Anderson’s words combined with pride colours creates a powerful image.  It’s time to stop writing for today and experience some music.

music speaks


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